Time To Look For Change!

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQF-eccblBA&list=UUEP7RyXysg0pfAPVXtCEjnA&feature=plcp[/youtube]Yesterday morning the door bell rang at 8.00am. It was Bill Taylor one of the National Advisors for Chaplaincy . Bill has been driving me all over Scotland this week visiting the prisons. Its been a great opportunity for me to learn from Bill a great deal about the work and challenges of Chaplaincy. Friday morning was taken up driving to Inverness. When we arrived at the Jail we were met by a fellow Church of Scotland minister Peter Donald. Peter ministers in the prison on a weekly basis. As he begin to share a little about his work, he is interrupted by a prisoner asking him a a question. Peter gives the prisoner his attention and its obvious that he has an excellent relationship with the inmates. After lunch Depute Governor, takes me around his prison and shows me the area that he has developed to help prisoners prepare for their liberation date.  She shows me an area where a number of women are living in a more freestyle thus engaging with the issues that will face them when they leave prison. I finally had an amazing hour with a group of very interesting young men, who have been attending a fellowship meeting run by Prison Fellowship. It was a real privilege to meet these men and to hear some of their stories. This was one of the best groups for discussion that i have come across in my travels tho week. Finally today I was back on the road heading up for Castle Huntly  the open prison,for my final meeting with prisoners and community members in the area of the prison. It turned out to be a very valuable morning. Once again engaging with men who have been working hard over the past year or so to prepare themselves for freedom. As I left Dundee and headed back down the road to Edinburgh. Bill and i reflected on the issues that had been raised this week and we began to make some plans to take things a little bit further. In many ways its all in a days work for a Moderator.     is a qualified minister
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