Treasure On An Oil Barge

Well the grand opening of the Vine Trust Centre For Global Citizenship took place on Monday. It was just amazing how it all came together. I'm sure HRH The Princess Royal had an air of surprise on her face when she entered the barge for the first time. After all just over a year ago this vessel was an oil barge. Today it has been transformed into s designer barge which =may well be entered for an award. All this got me thinking on the passage I preached upon last Sunday. In 2 Corinthians 4 the Apostle Paul talks about the treasure that can be found in earthen vessels. It put a whole new spin on it when you talk about the treasure that can be found in discarded oil vessels. The treasure I'm talking about is the transformation that happens when someone of imagination and drive can take what was an ordinary undistinquished dirty battered oil barge and turn it into a symbol of hope for the world. Remember Jesus told us to, "let your light so shine before people that they will see your good works and glorify the Father in heaven." If we can take a disgarded barge and make it into a designer vessel, can God not take disgarded individuals whether children or adults and reshaped them into to people of great beauty and significance. Of course he can and he is doing it daily.
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