What would Jesus say to Abdel Basset al-Magrahi

magrahiI'm listening to the radio as the public here in Scotland  express their views on the release of Abdel Basset al-Magrahi, a former Libyan intelligence officer, who  was convicted in 2001 for his role in plotting the 1988 attack that left all 259 passengers and 11 people on the ground dead. The question people are asking was the Justice Secretary Kenny McCaskill right in releasing the man on compassionate grounds because he has a few months to live. As I  listen to all this I wonder what Abdel Basset al-Magrahi, is thinking. If he is guilty then he is experiencing what Jesus called, "coals of fire being heaped on his head" in other words he is having to reflect on the idea of grace and compassion being shown to him who showed none to others. None of us should under-estimate the reforming power of compassion. Compassion should never be viewed as a weakness but as a strength. There is a wonderful verse in the bible where it says" While we were yet sinners Christ died for us".  It is the compassion and love of God shown to rebels like us that turns our hearts to God. The second idea  that runs through my head is this, if Abdel Basset al-Magrahi, is an innocent man,made the fall guy for the sins of others, then he returns home feeling that God has heard his prayer, and his family can have a little  closure on a very  traumatic period in their lives. If he is guilty then once again he is left to think, what he did  to those families who have no closure. He will also be preparing to face the Judge of all, who will do right by everyone.  I thought it was interesting that in an interview the Justice Secretary hinted that their was yet another trial awaiting the prisoner.  Perhaps we all need to reflect on the scripture that says, "It is appointed unto man once to die and after death the judgement"  So did the Justice Secretary do the right thing? On balance I think he made the right decision. However its over to you what do you think?

Posted By: Graeme   On: 24 Aug 2009   At: 6:18pm

If, as some of the victim’s families believe, Magrahi was not the person identified (by an unreliable witness), buying shirts which were later wrapped around the bomb, he is clearly a victim of a miscarriage of justice, and his release, the jubilant reaction in Libya, etc, really are not inappropriate. The real failure is that of the US, to stop acting like school bullies towards the rest of the world, including Scotland. They really wanted a fall guy, and are still baying for blood and revenge, in a truly frightening way.


Posted By: jackie   On: 24 Aug 2009   At: 6:02pm

The hand of Grace has been shown here and my prayers are that all concerned have a clear understanding that they will be judged one day by their Almighty Creator, God.


Posted By: Mike Munro   On: 22 Aug 2009   At: 10:52am

I tend to agree with your words and believe we have all been in receipt of God’s compassion and mercy in our time. I have to say that I was disappointed, although not surprised, by the reception received in Tripoli, having worked with Libyans for a number of years and often having to avoid debating the issue with them.


Posted By: duncan   On: 21 Aug 2009   At: 2:13pm

Thanks Albert for these thoughts,

I found the words spoken by the Justice Secretary profoundly moving. Last night, comments were being made to the effect that this action would define the Government’s time in office. Mercy and compassion are not a bad way to be remembered.

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