The Churches Mutual Credit Union Is No Wonga

posted: 13 Feb 2015 comments: 0category:

I wonder if you noticed the coverage in the papers yesterday about the launch of the Churhes Mutual Credit Union. A number of the newspaper articles had headlines suggesting that the Churches involved in this new  venture were taking on the Wonga's of this world. The truth is this project is a long way from moving into the same market as Wonga.  Indeed Credit Unions operate under completely different finanicial rules. However it is a clear strategic move by the churches...
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Jubilee Hope Causes a Traffic Jam

posted: 15 Aug 2014 comments: 0category:

It seems a long time since Jubilee Hope left the Clyde on the 22nd January 2014  to set sail on the first leg of her journey to Mombasa in Kenya.  A lot of hard work and preparation has gone into making the ship ready for its long voyage of over 8,500 miles.  I remember going to look at the ship  before we bought it when it was the Dunster I think it was at Goole in 2010. I was commissioned to take pictures. I remember rowing around the ship in a rubber dingy taking...
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Now Here’s An App Story

posted: 29 Jan 2014 comments: 2category:

  In my last post I was talking about a number of 'firsts' that I’ve been involved with recently. Well, the next 'first' I want to talk about is the launch of the 'Sanctuary First App'. I'm delighted that the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland launched the App from St Andrew's Church in Bo'ness last Sunday evening. I believe we may well be the first church or certainly among the first in Scotland to launch an App. Sanctuary First is designed...
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