The Bo'ness Fair

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qa3.JPG I mentioned that I'd show you some pictures of the Bo'ness Fair. I'm told it is the biggest Children's Fair in Europe. It certainly is up there competing with the best. Just take a look at our neighbour's handy work. It is like something out of a Hollywood film set. Colin has been working on this constantly for many weeks,his daughter Alexandria was picked by her peers to be the Queen. this is seen as a great honour. Tomorrow at 11.00am she will be crowned Queen of...
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Garden privacy and open politics

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Gordon Brown In the day that Gordon Brown became Prime Minister the people of Bo'ness are more interested in their local Children's Fair. Bo'ness is quite vibrant at this time of the year leading up to the annual Children's Fair. Our street, where we live, will be mobbed with literally thousands of people tomorrow night. They will all be making their way round the various arches. It is for this reason that the pressure is on to get the garden in tip top shape. Many thanks to...
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Presenting on ValleyFM

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mics Well I had a great time today. This week I'm presenting "Beam into Bogle" on ValleyFM all this week from 9.00am -10.00am. It's great having your own radio show.I really enjoyed playing my tunes this morning. I try to have a guest in the studio every day. I was glad to have Neil McLennan, the station manager, around this morning to ease me into the way of things. Tomorrow my guest is Cathy Peattie MSP. I'm looking forward to chatting with Cathy and getting her views...
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35 years to make a million

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John carrie John Carrie is quite an amazing man. if you didn't know him you could be forgiven for thinking he was simply a volunteer picking up litter on the annual Forth Road Bridge Christian Aid walk. There is much more to this volunteer. Thirty five years ago he had the brain wave of organising a bridge walk to raise funds for Christian Aid. At the close of business today John project will have raise in excess of 1 million pounds during these years. A big thank you to John...
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The Fair preparations are under way.

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Can't think where all the time has gone this week. The radio station Valley FM is going great guns. I've been putting together the songs my week of broadcasting starting on monday. So make sure you listen in. Everyone in Bo'ness is getting prepared for the big day. You have to see it to believe it, I mean the Bo'ness Fair. Our next door neighbour's daughter is the Queen this year. This means that their has been construction going on in their garden for the past three...
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Valley FM takes to the air

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Steveb Valley FM, what a hoot it is, and its getting better! Here's SteveB presenting has radio show on Valley FM 87.7. For the next two weeks the radio station will broadcasting for 18 hours a day. This is all part of our contribution as a church to our community, leading up to the famous world renowned Bo'ness Fair. We have been so encouraged by the excellent responses we have been receiving from people all over the world and in our own community Valley FM is certainly...
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Awards and Awards

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cinphoto1.jpg Here is a picture of Neil and myself and Pudsy bear. BBCs, Jackie Bird is presenting us with an award of £87,000 on behalf of Children in Need to help deliver on the growing opportunities that are coming our way as we work with children and families in the church and the community. Most of the funding is to appoint a full time worker to join our team which is already establishing family links in the community and even beyond. It was interesting to see that Jackie...
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