Hope Returns!

posted: 31 May 2012 comments: 2category:

Being a minister of the Gospel is a great privilege. Yesterday I had the unique opportunity to preach at the Scottish War Memorial in Edinburgh Castle. This is a service that takes place every year. It is a chance to remember and support in prayer all those who carry with them the wounds and scars of war and who feel the loss and pain of bereavement. It is a special service in that it seeks to highlight Scots who have given the greatest sacrifice of all. While there is...
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The Titanic Exhibition Inspires a Heritage Faith Concept?

posted: 30 May 2012 comments: 2category:

One  more interesting experience regarding the Irish visit. I took the opportunity to visit the new Titanic Exhibition in Belfast. It must be one of the best designed exhibition centres in the country. Its just newly opened, but already ts proving a great hit. I'm sure hat the building itself will win architectural awards but also the exhibition itself. the whole experience is imaginative and creative.  I wonder what the same designers would do if they got the...
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A life observed

posted: 27 May 2012 comments: 0category:

Today I find myself in Belfast preparing for the annual visit that is made by the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland to the Irish Presbyterian General Assembly. We left Edinburgh on an early flight and arrived in Belfast for 9.30. Martha and I are accompanied by Iain Cunningham one of my Chaplains and also an elder from Bo'ness and his wife. It's been a very special day. The sun has been shining and we had the opportunity to drop by a...
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Expectation can change a mindset.

posted: 19 May 2012 comments: 2category:

Why change the habits of a lifetime. So here I am up at the desk in the wee small hours of the morning. I love the quiet of the early morning. This gives me a chance to say thank you to all of my many friends and readers who have sent me good wishes, sorry if i haven't replied to you personally. I have read hem all and felt quite uplifted. I believe we will have a week of great blessing and opportunity at the General Assembly if those who attend go with a Spirit of...
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A room with a view

posted: 18 May 2012 comments: 7category:

Getting moved into the flat and making sure everything is working as it should takes time and I'm grateful for the help we've received. The last few days for me have been a time of reflection prayer and study preparing for the opening of the General Assembly. I've got myself esconcd in a wonderful room with a view. It is here that I'm working hard on my Gaelic pronounciation of the benediction for the Gaelic service directly after the St Giles service on Sunday...
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Building a team to stay together for life !

posted: 14 May 2012 comments: 6category:

In a few days time my life will change at least for the next year that is if the General Assembly accept me as their Moderator. So we started moving into the Moderator's flat this weekend. You know its strange packing up and leaving the house you've lived in for over 30 years. I'm just glad I know the people who are moving in next. Taking things with you that remind you of home are so important. It got me thinking of the thousands of refugees who have to pack up and go...
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5327.5 Hours of Volunteering! What Next ? How about a choir?

posted: 8 May 2012 comments: 2category:

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cnxO-vKxdg&feature=related[/youtube]I was watching a television programme about the growth and polarity of "Rock Choir" which was started in 2005 by Caroline Redman Lusher. In 2011 she hired Wembley and had a choir of 10,000 voices take part. It was quite inspiring to see so many people truly enjoying the experience of singing. I'm of the opinion that most people like to feel part of something. The Rock choir certainly allows that...
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