A Song For The Gathering

posted: 30 Apr 2008 comments: 1category:

gath.jpg GatheringTwenty years ago Iain Jamieson and myself wrote this song.  For a number of years it was a kind of theme tune for the Bogle Band.  We used to close concerts with it and I know it has touched many peoples lives. I remember singing it in Union Street Aberdeen. We were playing at a Pentecost Rally organised by the churches in Aberdeen.The street was closed off and a few thousands people turned up to participate. Now twenty years on I think the song has a...
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Grabbing Headlines

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headline.jpg  The last few days have been pretty busy as we begin the countdown to the CWW National Gathering. I've been trying my best to get publicity in the press and also on the radio. I'm grateful to the journalist who have written about the event. We've have coverage on a number of local radio stations, as well as a five minute slot on Radio Scotland's "Sally on Sunday" if you click here you can listen to the programme again but you need to wait for the last 5 minutes before...
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2gether Scotland Flowing Oil Leaders Day

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copyrighted_image_reuse_prohibited_78020.jpg  I was at a conference yesterday in Perth. It was hosted by the Evangelical Alliance, in St Mark's Church of Scotland. St Mark's has just undergone a major rebuild of their church. They knocked down the 1960s building and have put up a building that enables them to connect with their community as the move into the 21st century. I had to go to this conference because the title intrigued me .  (You must bear in mind the impending oil strike could effect the numbers at...
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Let's be Holy not Hollow

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[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/iYNhFXzSo00" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]REM I put my car into the garage last week to get fixed, they gave me a courtesy car. This is where my story starts. I didn't realise how much I like my old Passsat until I was given another car to drive. The one I had for nearly a week was a bit tinny, however what really bugged me was that I had bought a copy of REMs new album called "Accelerate" I put it in the...
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Things are gonna work out find!

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gath.jpg  Things are beginning to shape up for the CWW National  Gathering.  The next few posts will try and keep you up to date with all the things that are going on in the background. I believe its going to be a great day. The sun will be shining and literally thousands of folk will be really enjoying the day just like we did when we all went marching to make" Poverty History".  The above picture is just a reminder of that day.Can I say that I feel really proud of the...
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posted: 18 Apr 2008 comments: 1category:

dsc00515.jpg When the Special Commission was writing the CWW Report in 2001 we thought about submitting a report to the General consisting of the following four words, Jesus said, follow me! Follow Me! You said. It was more than words, I thought. If your leaving on a jet I could be tempted! How I wish You did call me to follow. Just to be going somewhere. To be leaving. To be getting ready. To be packing a suit case. To be packing a bag. The only packing I do is...
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CWW National Gathering Update

posted: 18 Apr 2008 comments: 2category:

imga08781.jpg  In just under three weeks the National Gathering will take place at Ingilston.  I'm hoping that we're going to see thousands of people turn up to engage with the thinking behind Church Without Walls. The real success will be when they go back to their communities and begin to put some of the ideas they've heard about into practice. I'm encouraged that more and more of the story telling  tents are being sold.  To date we have sold around 170 this means we will have...
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