Puppet People and Sanctuary First

posted: 31 Dec 2008 comments: 0category:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://uk.youtube.com/v/ac-0I51x8jU" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]I was telling you all how I enjoyed Christmas. i was especially impressed by the latest ministry that is being developed out of the church. the Puppet People.  thanks to Hugh O'Brien and his inspiration earlier on this year we now have our very own little puppet ministry.  I think they did a brillant job of Christmas Day have a look and tell me what you think?...
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Deal or No Deal ? - Marianne Wong

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On Christmas Day I watched the "Deal or No Deal" Show. This is the show that has given Noel Edmunds his media career back again.  I believe the show was his brain wave. It has netted him a handsome amount of money over the years. Now where am I going with this? Well I heard that one of my colleagues a minister in the Church was featuring on the show along with an amazing lady called Mariannne Wong. The show spoke of her selfless attitude in helping people and how...
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We Can All SEE Christmas lights in a new LIGHT

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This post is going to be all about lights at Christmas. Its truly wonderful how a candle can light up the darkness. I know it sounds like stating the obvious but to me it is always full of wonder. I think to myself so where did the darkness go? Of course its still there but the light has brought another dimension so that your eyes see things that otherwise would be hidden. Every Christmas there is always something or someone I see in a new light. WE SEE CHRISTMAS...
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posted: 22 Dec 2008 comments: 3category:

BEING THANKFUL Hope you enjoyed looking at the  last post Fixed Point.  Here's another little film about a trip I made to India last year. It might encourage all of us to be thankful for all we have. [kml_flashembed movie="http://uk.youtube.com/v/QanbNgHye4I" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] We sent off £13,500 pounds to India this morning. It was a real joy to feel that this money will be arriving in time to make a difference this...
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posted: 18 Dec 2008 comments: 3category:

At last the 2008 Christmas movie is finished. I like to say a big thank you to a lot of people who have made this little production possible. Just over two weeks ago Iain Jamieson sent me a screenplay I thought it was pretty good. We needed a script for our Christmas movie so we ran with it. I must confess that I twisted a few arms up backs, but I think the result is really good. Video Sorry Iain if i have butchered your script but you know what we director types are...
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Minister Movie Director and Donkey.

posted: 17 Dec 2008 comments: 1category:

Today has been one of those days where the time just flies and you wonder where the hours have gone. it seems a long time agaio since i conducted the service in the church at 10.00am this morning. It was really encouraging to see some of those who have been bereaved in the past year come to church this evening for the Service of Healing. We've also been working on the service for this coming Friday when the whole school is invited to the church. I'm hoping that we...
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We're Mobile Prisons Living in Silence

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Keeping silent I believe is part of the 5th amendment. Well you always hear that when the accused in the movies decides not to give evidence. All of us keep silent about many things. We don't turn over everything that goes through our heads. We maintain that right to be silent about our thoughts. In this mediation i liken us all to "mobile prisons" locked up within ourselves. we need to break out and find freedom. SILENCE The message behind Christmas is that God is...
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