Thinking about healing!

posted: 30 Mar 2007 comments: 0category:

river-scene.JPG Lord, I've been thinking about Your healing ministry. Before you say anything I believe in it. I know you heal people. Thing is, I ‘m just checking, do you expect us to be involved? Should we leave room in every service for this ministry? Should we advertise it? Are there any techniques we should learn? Like laying on hands, using oil, power words â€" you know the kind of thing? I was also wondering where the doctors fit in? I'm sure your...
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Looking for a theology of entertainment.

posted: 29 Mar 2007 comments: 2category:

club-pic.JPG For a number of years now we have been developing our expertise in creative ways to use technology in worship. We have been encouraging church leaders to embrace technology. However there is a need for training and theological reflection on the whole issue. In this short article I hope some dialogue could lead to a development that will help church leaders out there understand the purpose and scope of their communication. There is little doubt that we are in the midst...
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God's Protest

posted: 29 Mar 2007 comments: 0category:

Street protest Do you know-God Protested! He'd had enough. He looked at the way the world was and is and will be. (Well God can do that sort of thing.) And he said, that's it they've gone too far they've stretched the limit they're unbelievable! He overheard, preachers, prophets, politicians, all talking about peace but each fighting their own personal war. God said I'm going to Protest. Look at the greed, look at the hurt, look at the lies, look at the...
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The Bo'ness Wheel

posted: 27 Mar 2007 comments: 1category:

bwheel.JPG Last week I was invited to give some advice to the Local Community Council regarding the ceremony for the opening of the 'Bo'ness Wheel'. They along with some other organisations have commissioned a memorial to commemorate the role the town of Bo'ness has played in shaping the mining industry in Scotland. Did you know that Bo'ness was the first place where mining was carried out commercially in Scotland? It was the monks who developed the first mine. Perhaps that is...
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Is it nothing to you who pass by?

posted: 25 Mar 2007 comments: 3category:

passby1.jpg So you want to know how Sunday evening's theme "Blood on the Street" worked out? Well, I'm glad I didn't abandon the idea of making a communion film. We produced three original little videos for the service, along with some additional footage we had from previous occasions. The focus of the service was around the struggle that is within us all, between right and wrong. There is an interesting little verse in Genesis 4.12 where evil is described as crouching at the...
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Indian Pete - The Scottish Anti Slave Hero

posted: 24 Mar 2007 comments: 1category:

jack1.jpg Interesting to see how the new film Amazing Grace has caught the headlines. There are a number of interesting clips on the above web site worth looking at. The whole issue of slavery is something we should all be concerned about. Its not so much that we apologise for the deeds of past generations, its more important that we all do something about the situation today. All over the world people are being bought and sold into slavery. The Church Times has an...
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Do you not get it?

posted: 22 Mar 2007 comments: 1category:

communion1.jpg Well we started filming in Edinburgh this afternoon. We had quite an interesting reception. Put the table out with the bread and wine. Guess what? People stopped and read the notice. I overhead one young guy say to his pal, "that's all about Jesus, he's sound". Another young woman came up to me and asked what we were doing? I told her we were taking the bread and the wine outside the church for the people on the street. She thought I meant homeless people. "No", I said,...
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