Still Achieving Excellence

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29th and 30th August We woke up in the town of  St Andrew's Fife  early in the morning prepared to face another day. We have actually discovered a really good bed and breakfast just about 5 minutes drive outside St Andrew's called the Old Station. This is where we stayed when we went to CLAN earlier this month, so it was good to return to kind of  a familiar  setting. The first port of cal that day l was to visit the candidates in training for the various...
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Day 2 with Crossreach

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Tuesday 28 Before I reflect on all that will happen today. It is important to mention the Mallard. This is a centre where children and teenagers who  need a period of respite can come and relax and recharge their batteries. When we arrived we were met by Sandy Russell. Sandy has been in charge of the unit since it was opened 15 years. The thing that impressed me was the dynamic young staff that was working there alongside him as well as a group of volunteers. We met...
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First Day of Crossreach Week

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20120828-223411.jpg Monday morning 27 August. We had just finished breakfast, Martha looked at me and said, " its quarter to nine,they'll be here soon! " at that moment the door bell rang from then on in I knew these people are serious, organised, and ready to get on with their work. i refer to Crossreach, the Church of Scotland's social care Charity. For the next week we're going to be visiting a whole range of programmes and projects which employ collectively over 2,000 members of...
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On your mark, get set, ready…GO!

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I feel like an athlete limbering up for a big race, or like a swimmer tweaking my muscles before diving into the pool to swim a marathon. Mmmm! I'm not sure if swimmers do marathons?  Anyway,  I'm sure you get the idea. What I'm trying to describe to you is the challenging agenda that lies ahead over the next month. It will be great but it will be no doubt exhausting at times. One thing I know is essential finding the place to be quiet to pray and to focus on the...
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TURN download it from iTunes

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Cover Art Hope readers will download the new Bogle Band EP Check out this album on iTunes: Turn Bogle Band Religious Released: 2012 iTunes Store Please note that you have not been added to any email lists. Copyright © 2012 iTunes S.à r.l. All rights reserved
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Let's not make a drama out of a mystery or are they related?

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I'd like to thank the many people who are praying for us and also to thank the people who have been sending us words of encouragement. Edinburgh, where we are living at the moment, is a buzz with activity. This is the month of many festivals. There is the Festival of Spirituality, the Festival of Politics, the International Arts Festival and of course the world famous Fringe Festival.  There must be literally hundreds of thousands of extra people around the city. It got...
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New Bogle Band EP

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Here's a little promotional video highlighting one of the songs from the new Bogle Band EP entitled Turn. This is a collection of songs written around the theme of reconciliation and forgiveness. [youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube] The songs were recorded last month. Iain and I had worked on these songs a few years ago but a number of them just needed to be finished. One particular song entitled "Maggie" has turned...
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