Everyday is Easter

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Easter is still ringing in my ears I can still hear the words Halle, halle, halle, running through my head and its now Tuesday. What a great service we had ob Sunday why not check it out . It was great to see the church packed and everyone participating. I'm always indebted to the people who go out of their way to make easter such a special time. This year was no exception. So thank you all you great people who gave so much over the past few days from film making to...
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Good Friday - Communion on the street?

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There is something quite dynamic and subversive in taking the bread and the wine into the streets. Of course not everyone will agree with me. There will be those quite shocked at the idea. This kind of bread and wine cannot be given away cheaply they will argue. Using Paul's admonition they will point to the great danger of eating and drinking the bread unworthily. Yet for me the people who partook were no different from those who come to share in the bread and within...
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Christ On the Street.. the death of God was more than a rumour!

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Today I met up with Russell McLarty, the Interim minister at Edinburgh's St Andrew's and St George's Church of Scotland. We had arranged a few weeks ago to take the bread and wine,two of the most powerful symbols of the Gospel out into George Street. Many people passed by and ignored the invitation others were polite as they explained they had to be somewhere by a certain time. One particular man stopped and said he was Jewish, then with a smile he added "we've...
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[caption id="attachment_3175" align="alignright" width="300" caption="This was last year's Christmas Tree - The Resurrection Cross"][/caption]This is the time of the year when things start to get busy in the Parish preparing for the run up to Easter. This week I hope the parish magazine will be delivered from the printer, then we'll need a a band of volunteers to deliver the Parish Network around the homes. Its a great opportunity to invite friends and family to share in...
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Making Connections

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The last few days have been pretty busy. On Thursday last the church was packed to capacity as people from all walks if life attended the funeral of John Constable who was one of our local councillors and also for many a local hero and mentor. He was someone who passionately believed in his political cause and lived to see some of his dreams achieved. The refurbishment of the Bo'ness Hippodrome was one of the causes he put his political influence behind. He worked...
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