Carberry Memory Lane

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qa1.jpg Tomorrow is the Bo'ness Fair Day but first I want to finish my posts about the Carberry Festival. I came across this clip on Youtube from the first Festival way back in 1987. It centres around an Ian Whyte Concert but I find looking at the audience most interesting its just full of memories. If you look carefully those of you who were at the festival you can have a walk down memory lane.[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425"...
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Carberry and Resurrection

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crown-thorns.jpg One thing that I will always remember about the Carberry Festival is sharing a late night fish supper with John Bell, and the outstanding contribution that Adrian and Bridget Plass made to the Festivals over the years.One other thing I want to mention yet I'm not sure why, the picture of the crown of thorns which hangs in the Chapel hallway. I think John also added so much to those first few festivals. Maybe the crown of thorns speaks of themes and teaching that was...
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Carberry Cross Obscured

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turrets.jpg  Carberry Towers has been an influential retreat centre in the life of the church in Scotland for the past 50 years for most of these years it has been administered by the Church of Scotland. Over the past two or three years it has been administered by new Trust which is seeking to take the centre into a different type of usage.  From June 20-22 a group of people returned to say farewell to the venue which has been the home to a unique Christian  Arts Festival for...
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Bogle and Jamieson

posted: 20 Jun 2008 comments: 2category:

vagabond.jpg  Do you know something I think it is about six years since we've played a gig in public so I'm looking forward to remembering all my words. Vagabond Shoes was the title of a song we wrote a few years ago. It was all about what it was like being a disciple of  Jesus. You had to put up with a lot. You were always out on the road. I guess you felt like a band of brothers. Playing in the Bogle Band was a of a similar experience. Sometimes you feel this bond, I think its...
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The Praise Gathering at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

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praise-gathering.jpg   I had a great experience tonight, I was invited to go the National Praise Gathering , in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. It turned out to be an amazing event. Ian Watson the Choir Director, has an amazing talent and gift, he brings out the best in his 400 strong choir, and its obvious they all love being part of this set up. If you get the chance go to hear the Choir. I first encountered Ian's work many years agao when he led the New Horizon singing group, indeed...
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Getting on track for mission

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track.jpg  Summer is a great time to reach out to our communities and share the Gospel. This year I'm hoping that we might be able to run a tent mission in  the town. I know there is not a lot of time, but I think we could pull it off. We had a group of enthusiastic people meet up to talk about the idea last week, and we had great fun thinking about how we could use a big tent, for mission here in Bo'ness. If we do it, we've decided we'll try and get permission to put the tent...
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CWW - Where is the theological underpinning.

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We have an internal  broadsheet in the Co f S that is printed for ministers. Its an opportunity for ministers to share among themselves ideas and issues that are troubling them. Recently at least two ministers have written about their belief that there is no real theological underpinning in the Church Without Walls Movement. In the May issue one such minister questioned whether CWW was radical enough in its approach. He seemed to think that it was a centrally driven...
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