The Moderator engages with Trinity College Glasgow Past and Present

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Last Monday I paid a visit as Moderator to my Alma mater, Glasgow University. It was for me a journey down memory lane. This was where I started my training for ministry.  I was reminded of the times when I would be rushing to a General Philosophy class and be looking for change to put in a parking meter or of the morning I was pleading with Professor Frend to give me back my parking ticket. Why you may well ask? The answer is straightforward,  he had removed the...
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Falkirk Presbytery

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The last few days have been pretty hectic. It was great to have some of the members of Falkirk Presbytery round at The Mod's flat last Saturday . It was a chance to catch up with old friends and also hear what has been going on in the Presbytery over the last year. It was good to catch up with Ron Smith again. We were just recalling how Ron was the first minister to meet up with Martha and myself and take us to Bo'ness. Ron was minister at St Modan's in Falkirk. It's...
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From Lima to Buchanan Street Glasgow

posted: 23 Jan 2013 comments: 0category: Unassigned

This time last week I was travelling through Peru. I spent sometime in the city of Ica, which is situated in the Atacama desert.  You can imagine it was hot! I was visiting a Vine Trust sponsored home now owned by Union Biblica but build by the generosity of Cupar Old Parish Church in Scotland.   One of the difficulties we are facing is recruiting personel with the right qualifications and experience. I'm told that qualified social workers and child psychologists are...
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Find ways to connect with Peru’s growing economy

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It's nine o'clock in the morning as I wind my way  though the secluded neighbourhood of Miraflores. It's mid-summer here in Lima. Flowers blossom on the trees that line the sidewalk. I'm heading towards Wong's to meet Willie at Starbucks. I pass by the big Anglican church in the corner. I recall nearly forty years ago Tony Dines, the minister of St Silas asking me to pray for him. He had been invited to consider moving to Lima to pastor a church. I remember thinking...
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Ten Years Later in Peru

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Once again I find myself preparing to make the flong light from Edinburgh to Lima. Its now 12.15 am  in the morning and in four hours the taxis will arrive to take me to the airport. This time I'm more excited than usual, Martha will be accompanying me. This will be her first visit in nearly ten years. She will see great changes in peru. the economy is beginning to grow and peruvians are seeking to take control of their own social deprevation. there are still many...
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Encountering God in Liturgy

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Here is a question, can we find any beauty in the cross of Christ.  This is the topic I'm reflecting on today. I'm trying to write a lecture that I've been asked to give at the end of the month in Prague. Its in the context of a conference looking at Liturgy and the theme is 'Beauty'. Its ionteresting to note that "Beauty"  is a theme that seems to have had a bit of a renaisssance throughout a number of academic disciplines, from philosophy to science and indeed the...
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The Carberry Tower Chapel Cover Up

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I find it strange how sometimes people want to cover up good memories. let me tell you a story about the Carberry Chapel Cover up. Bear with me as this story unfolds. Its so important to make memories. yet while we're living our lives we seldom think of the legacy of memory, until we've lost something  or someone dear to us. Often we as humans erect memorial stomes write songs or even if we are wealthy enough erect a building in memory of a loved one. I think one of...
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