Check Out What’s Happening.

posted: 27 Sep 2013 comments: 0category: Unassigned

Its Friday afternoon and I'm sitting with my foot up. I'm recovering from an operation on my ankle which took place on Wednesday. I experienced first class treatment  from the staff at the Royal Infirmry in Glasgow. I'm so  thankful for the National Health Service and the amazing miracles the staff perform. I know they no doubt make mistakes but too often we only hear about the bad stuff. Its good to give praise where its due. Earlier this week we had a visit from...
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Man of Sorrows Exhibition

posted: 21 Sep 2013 comments: 2category: Unassigned

Yesterday  I had an interesting experience. I met up with portrait artist Iain Campbell. He has an art exhibition on display at St Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow.  I had arranged to meet him because I was interested in talking to him about the title of the exhibition "Man of Sorrows"  and also to find out more about the paintings on display. This was an opportunity to to record an interview and also to film the various pictures on display. I was hoping that I'd get...
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9/11 - Seven Men In A Boat Heading For The Amazon

posted: 11 Sep 2013 comments: 2category: Unassigned

Twelve years ago Iain Jamieson and myself had written and recorded the above song. It was written to be part of the sound track of a BBC documentary that was being made about Amazon Hope. While the ship was making its way to the Amazon  crossing the Atlantic Ocean on the 11th September 2001, two planes were crashed into the Twin Towers in New York causing death and destruction. Air travel has changed beyond recognition because of the events of hat day. The video...
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Sanctuary First is Changing! New Launch 29 September 3.00pm

posted: 11 Sep 2013 comments: 0category: Unassigned

Over the last few weeks i've been working with the team that is promoting and developing Sanctuary First. Sanctuary First continues to be as always morphing into a new experimental period. For a number of years many of you will know  we in Bo'ness St Andrew's have been exploring how we can use the internet to create a worshippimg community. We have in fact been partially successful. I'm delighted to know Helmut in Hamburg and Gerry in Bournemouth and a good many others...
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