Walking Back

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Walking back home Sore feet Sore head Sore heart So tired So sorry So what Walking back home Still seeking Still weeping Still reaping Say something Say nothing Say everything Walking back home No promises No comprimises November To slow To know To say Nothing Instead I'm Forgiven Words fail me
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Stuck in Reverse

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[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/nxfdChYCKYA" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] Don't give up - there is always a way to fix things. If your in a bad place at the moment watch this little video clip it brought a tear to my eye. All of us at sometime in life get stuck in reverse. Instead of going forward everthing seems to be going backwards. We have all made decisions and said things that we wish we could change. Getting unstuck is what...
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Flying the Flag

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img_0320 Before I get shopped from somewhere else let me explain the pictures that I posted yesterday of Grangemouth Refinery were googled. I went looking for the pics I took in early September couldn't find them they must have been deleted from my phone. Anyway things are getting ready over here for the St Andrew's Day Celebrations this Sunday. We've got the Salire flag flying. I hought some of you'd like to see the view from the church tower. Its really quite impressive. And...
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Photo Shopped

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[gallery]Here's a warning. Watch out ! You may be taking a perfectly innocent photograph but you don't know whose taking a photograph of you in return. You might get "photo shopped" A few months ago I stopped to take a picture of the magical fairyland that Grangemouth becomes when it gets dark. I thought nothing of it. Then last night I had two police officers at my door inquiring as why I took a picture of the Grangemouth Plant way back at the end of the...
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Damp and Dreary but Never Defeated

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img_1486 Its a dreary damp day in Central Scotland and I'm listening to "We See Lights" new album. And I no longer feel dreary because the music lifts my soul. There's a beautiful song called " Ghosts and Monsters" it has a wonderful hope filled lyric and I just love to discover music that speaks to the heart. Anyway I'm getting ready to put the material together for the sermon tomorrow and it reminds me that the gospel invades the soul and turns dreary days into days filled...
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Prisoner's Week

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img_1480 Did you know this week is Prisoner's Week? Its an opportunity to think about those who find themselves in prison and who are trying to think about the changes they will make when they get released. Over the years I've met some really intetesting people in prison. The fact is that many of us would be in prison if some of the things we've down in the past had been found out. The truth is when I go to visit in prison I am painfully aware that many of the people who are...
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Conflict - Check out James 4

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imga0138 I'm getting ready to attend a conference in Aviemore. It's run by the Church of  Scotland to help elders and ministers understand how to deal with conflict in our churches when it arises. I'm looking forward to it . Of course this is nothing new, where you find people in community you will also find the potential for conflict. Its interesting because,  I'm preparing a sermon from James chapter 4 this morning. In this chapter James asks the question, where does...
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