I say Goodbye and Raj will say hello !

posted: 29 Oct 2007 comments: 0category:

It's just turned 1.00pm and in the next 30 minutes Willie and I will be heading for the Airport. Thanks for the info James about the flights. We've been told that the Air France flight took off this morning a couple of hours late, however it won't effect us because I believe the strike is now over. The city links seemingly have not been affected. So we should arrive home as planned. I was so good to receive your comments over the past week and I felt that many of you...
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Rainy Season

posted: 28 Oct 2007 comments: 0category:

willie-albert.jpg Its the Monsoon season. Today the place looks like a miserable rainy Glasgow Sunday at the Barras. I woke up this morning no feeling too good. I think the Chinese I had last night didn't agree with me. Captain Thacker arrived on time at 7.30am to take us to Mount Zion Church. This is the church that John attends. Some of you will remember meeting John when he visited us for the World Without Walls training programme last year. The roads where unpassable so we had to wait...
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The Journey continues

posted: 27 Oct 2007 comments: 5category:

tata.jpg   We returned this morning on the overnight train from Dindigul. It was a comfortable journey, however we had to wait at Dindigul because the train was two and a half hour late. It was an education to wait this long in an Indian Station. This is the start of the rainy season, so we moved to an area where we could find shelter, sitting in this area of the station, it was interesting to watch the rats scurry around the station. We  were introduced to the senior...
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Two days into one.

posted: 25 Oct 2007 comments: 3category:

Well I've managed to find an internet connection at the Hotel in which we're staying  We have stopped over in a beautiful hill town known as Munnar. It is a community that has built is economic development around the tea trade. The man who started the tea plantations here was a Scot James Findlay from Glasgow. Today all the tea planations around the area are owned by Tata the huge multinational company.  Let me tell you a little of what we did yesterday. We flew...
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Off to meet he tribal people

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it's just past six o'clock in the morning. Willie is having a shower, we'll be at breakfast in five minutes, then we will make a five hour trip into the mountainous region of Kerla, to visit a new project. This is an orphanage looking after around 80 children. Abraham is taking food to them. He met these people for the first time last week and was shocked to see the conditins they live in and also that there was very little food to go around the children. Will try to...
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Willie's celebrates his birthday in India

posted: 24 Oct 2007 comments: 3category:

dsc008141.jpg Its Tuesday 23rd October We arrived in Chennai at around 2.00 am. After having to wait for what seemed forever to collect our bags we made our way out of the airport. I deligted that my close colleague Willie MacPherson has been able to join me on this trip. Willie has a great deal of experience in helping to assess the sustainablity of projects in the developing world, so I was delighted when he accepted the invitation to join me, to look at a number of projects...
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Intransit wth Radiohead dreaming rainbows

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1052924.jpg October India Trip 2007 Our flight from Edinburgh to Paris was delayed by about 40 minutes. It meant that we had barely enough time to get through he screening to board this flight however we made it. Just passing over Terhan, at this moment, we're about four and half hours into this flight and I'm listening to Radiohead's new album called "Rainbows". It was just about this time last July we got turned back mid-flight to Heathrow, due to problems with the...
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