Creator God

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open-door The Mystery God in Creation Creator God Here am I A created being Thinking Feeling Praying to you The Almighty Its just something within me – I can't control I'm pushing on an ever opening door The door itself is the revelation It tells me your presence Is all around In blues, greens, reds and yellows I need to speak your name I need to reach out and touch The mystery of the one who made me Oh God how majestic You are. You take my breath away Such beauty And...
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Check My Pics on Twitter

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I said I write a bit more about the Fair. Have a look at my tweet pictures I've been out and about yesterday and today taking some pictures. The Queen's Arch is very impressive.
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Michael Jackson and the Bo'ness Fair.

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mic-jackson ( This article has been reworked in the light of a comment on the blog.) Michael Jackson and the Bo'ness Fair - what do they have in common?. Perhaps more than you might think. The fact that he died yesterday on the Bo'ness Fair E'en, will live on in the memory of his many Bo'ness fans who were once children who danced and performed to his music as part of the Fair. Of course the sad thing is that Jackson rightly or wrongly will always have a suspicion hanging...
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Shadowlands a Bench and a Song

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hanging-basket Bo'ness the town where I live must be the smartest and tidiest town in the whole of Scotland this week. I seriously doubt if there is a town anywhere in Scotland that will be better turned out this Friday. Yes you've guessed, this is Bo'ness Fair week. I've not had my troubles to seek these last few weeks as the list of things to do has increased especially around the garden. Making hanging baskets and working around the garden is quite therapeutic but it takes up a...
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God's Fingerprints are all over us!

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jacob-11 Today is Father's Day and we'll be having a service focusing on the children. Its what we call the King's Club Prize Giving. its an opportunity to thank all the parents and children who come to church and to allow to children an opportunity  to lead us in our worship. Its always a well attended service because the children always bring the best out in all of us. Here s a video i hope to play at the service. Its not one of our own. In fact we did produce one, which is...
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Valley FM continues to broadcast out across the airwaves. This is an amazing piece of youth work. It is a credit to the 40 odd teenagers and young adults that are involved in the ten day spectacular, broadcasting from 7.00 in the morning to 12 midnight. I feel honoured to be included and be given an opportunity to be a radio presenter for a few days. This morning I had Andrea our our family worker as my guest. She was a natural on radio. I also think she gave some...
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Its not who you think you know its really who knows you!

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I spend my life talking to people about God. The thing is that there is nothing new or original I can say. I find myself speaking about God in so many different places and situation. I'm learning that I need to make space in the conversation for God to speak. I'm learning that its not my role or calling to defend God. He's big enough to do that himself. I have come to the conclusion that people know God more than they let on. I think Paul hints at this in the first...
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