St Andrew's Gift Day

posted: 29 Oct 2008 comments: 0category:

ST ANDREW'S DAY IS GIFT DAY! Over the years as a congregation we have been given some wonderful opportunities to serve God and this year has been no exception. Our work at a local national and international level continues to grow. I'm going to ask every member of the congregation to make a special effort to be at church on Sunday 30th November its St Andrew's Day and the Kirk Session has agreed we should also make it our Annual Gift Day. We are hoping to make...
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Will Your Anchor Hold?

posted: 26 Oct 2008 comments: 2category:

Today we are celebrating at church the 125th Anniversary of the Boys Brigade. We are fortunate that the 2nd Bo'ness is still a successful BB Company. Today we will be using the famous BB Anthem " Will Your Anchor Hold" to reflect upon the importance of being rooted in Jesus Christ. When the storms of life come to overwhelm us being fastened to a rock that is immovable is the answer for our confidence. A few years ago I recorded a version of "Will Your Anchor Hold"...
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Forgive us our debts?

posted: 23 Oct 2008 comments: 0category:

The Lord's Prayer has much to teach us about the character and nature of God. Recently I've been thinking how relevant the phrase "forgive us our debts' is for all of us as we approach Christmas. Here's a video we made a couple of years ago. It has something to say to us in the middle of a credit crunch or should I say recession.
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Plant a cross and say a prayer

posted: 22 Oct 2008 comments: 1category:

A few weeks ago I made a post about our Remembrance Garden. Well its beginning to take shape. We're going to have a little service to start the proceedings. Please note the remembrance theme will run for a week. then it will revert back to being a flower garden. On Tuesday 4th November at 11.00am we'll plant the first crosses. It will be interesting to see how many crosses appear in the garden. You will be able to buy a cross from the church office for the...
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A Fiver and the Bible and a Spoonful of Syrup

posted: 19 Oct 2008 comments: 2category:

We had an interesting service at church today. A promise of a fiver, a taste of honey, and a lion or a "Sunday lie in" made the scripture reading interesting this morning. We were reflecting on the power of the Word of God not only to change the heart of an individual but also the heart of a nation. The story of Ezra reading from the Book of the Law and its effect on the people is a moving story. I was talking to the children about how the Word of God or the...
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Welcome Home Soultouch

posted: 17 Oct 2008 comments: 0category:

I'm hoping for a great evening this coming Sunday. Having completing over 15 months of world travel Lorna Main and Erica Bonnar, known as Soultouch. have returned home after visiting a good number of our World Without Walls Projects. Sunday will be an opportunity to hear a little about their trip and also to be inspired to get involved with World Without Walls. I'm delighted that the praise will be led by the joint worship band of St Andrew's and the local Bo'ness...
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Church Without Walls connects with "The Homecoming"

posted: 16 Oct 2008 comments: 0category:

Check the picture out. Thought it was cool the way the light has reflected off the poster. Pray for the light of the world to touch Scotland. Please get your friends in the various congregations around Scotland to book up for the 4th Re-Energise Conference coming up this 11-13 January in Aviemore. This conference has the potential to inspire something really good to rollout across Scotland during 2009/10. I'm praying that we get 300 congregations. ( to start...
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