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Look see me I'm browned off Brassed off cheesed off I mean it I'm really cheesed off I don't like this feelin I'm cheesed off With God – why me - why all this suffering ? I'm cheesed off With work – why me - why all this pressure ? I'm cheesed off With my credit card – the interest rate is too high! I'm cheesed off With my family - surely its not always my fault I'm cheesed off With religion – they're all hypocites I'm cheesed off...
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Christmas A Time to Move on Down the River

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A Merry Christmas everyone! We certainly have a white Christmas this year, no need to do any dreaming. For those who battled out against the elements last night to share in the Watchnight Service a huge thank you I hope it was meaningful for you. There were a few faces that I missed but it was also great to see some people I've no seen for a long time. There is something quite wonderful about Christmas Day, its an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and also to be...
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Something missing this Christmas!

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Well I hope your all getting prepared for Christmas. There is something about Christmas this year that seems to be not right. Is it because we've had the snow too long? Is it because the snow has caused so much panic that shopping hasn't been completed. One thing I have noticed the numbers have been down on the labyrinth at the church this year. Its all a bit disappointing considering the amount of time and effort that has been put into setting the labyrinth up. Lets...
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Branches Has Its 25th Birthday Party

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We had an interesting day. It was up early to collect the marque to be erected outside the Branches Shop in Bo'ness. Today we were celebrating 25 years of trading as a 'not for profit company'. I always think that description isn't quite right. We want to make profit, in fact we need to make profit if we are to do what we wee set up to do. It was great to have Alastair McDonald visit with us again and do some singing as our volunteers gave the Bo'ness public some...
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Getting a New Perspective

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Today I spent some time with the staff of Sanctus Media thinking about how it feels to be "Cheesed Off" I think some of us were cheesed off before we started. You see we were preparing for the January theme of Sanctuary First. The good thing was when we wee finished we were all a lot happier. the mood in the office had changed. We started to think about the things that "cheese us off" for the most part we could see that too often it is usually one of the following...
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Prisoners At Christmas

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Will you spare a thought and perhaps a prayer for all those who suffer in silence this Christmas. We've set aside one of the transepts in the church this year to highlight the work of Amnesty International. We would like to invite people to drop in and pray for prisoners of conscience. A few years ago we made this little mediation. I think it is still very relevant. The music was composed by Colin Jamieson copies of this can be purchased through Sanctus...
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Looking For Singers For The Christmas Movie

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If your not careful you can let the snow become your master. You look out and think to yourself, its a bit risky, I'll wait to the snow goes away. Well we might be waiting longer than we can afford. It was this reasoning that has made me try my best to keep on the go and not give in to the bad weather. However there is one area I feel I've slipped up on. (Pardon the pun), its organising this year's Christmas movie. I've had the idea of try to recreate a version of the T...
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