World Mission 100 Years On!

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This week sees the opening of the Edinburgh 2010 Missionary Conference in Pollock Halls. It was one hundred years ago that the same conference was held in the General Assembly Hall on The Mound. Its remit then was to think strategically with other from around the world about sharing the Gospel and fulfill the great commission of Jesus to go into all the world and preach the gospel. The World Missionary Conference in 1910 drew together more than 1,200 Christians...
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From 1611- 2011 Still the World's Best Seller!

posted: 29 May 2010 comments: 0category:

This has been quite a busy week between being in the Parish and occasionally attending the General Assembly. On Wednesday evening I attended a presentaion in Crubber's Close to launch 'Bible Fresh". The whole aim of the evening was to encourage church leaders to become actively involved in promoting the heritage and legacy of the Bible as next year will be the 400th Anniversary of the King James Version. A few years ago I was given a miniture of the King James Bible, it...
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Know Yourself Know Your Sermon?

posted: 20 May 2010 comments: 0category:

Written as a contribution to the Lausanne Conversation on Preaching Part 3 Does preaching still have a role to play in the emerging church? In fact does preaching still have a role to play in all of our churches.? While our communication revolution invites us to continue to reflect upon the way we participate and respond to God's Word . I want to suggest that preaching has a unique place in the communication of the gospel . Words and the power of rhetoric...
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Preaching in a Communication Revolution

posted: 18 May 2010 comments: 0category:

Re-imagining Preaching as a Process Part 2 This article forms part of the Lausanne Global Conversation check it out All of us are living through what can only be described as the greatest communication revolution in the history of the human race. Technology allows us to communicate in ways that were only before dreamt of or written about in science fiction novels. This revolution has changed the way we understand communication and has influenced the style and...
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From the Market Square to the Palace

posted: 16 May 2010 comments: 1category:

This has been a pretty busy week for all of us in and around St Andrew's. A lot of busy people trying to catch up with themselves. I noticed the staff of Sanctus Media have been working really hard to get the DVD ready for the 25th Anniversary Dinner of the Vine Trust which was held in Holyrood Palace last Thursday evening. It was a great honour to have the company of our Patron The Princess Royal and also to have been given the use of the Palace by Her Majesty the...
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Lib Dems Give Cameron A Clegg Up And Gordon is Browned Off !

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Well here's the question how long will it take for "Nick to get Flegg Up". How long will it take before we see headlines like "Nasty Nick does the Tories Dirty Work?" And how long will it take before people are wishing they had a "Sweet Chocolate Brownie in No 10". Oh I've got another headline. "Its a Con A Real Lib Dem Stitch Up. Or how about "Who's Needling Who?" Ah I think the press will have a ball over the next few months. As Bob Dylan wrote many years ago "...
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Preaching as Process and Re-imagined?

posted: 8 May 2010 comments: 1category:

This article was originally written for the Global Conversation in preparation for the Lausanne Congress in Cape Town 2010 Reading Krish Kandiah thoughtful article relating to effective preaching under the title "Reimagining Biblical Preaching" got me thinking that perhaps effective preaching needs to be "re-imagined" in our minds as less of an event at which the preacher performs and more as a process...
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