Jesus in the Jungle

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Puerto Belen Let me tell you about my day yesterday. We were up bright and early because we had a lot of things that we wanted the group to experience. Peru is certainly a land of contrasts. The previous morning we had all witnessed the majestic splendour of the high snow-capped mountain known as Hauscran as we flew back from Hauraz in the small plane. Today we travelled to Peurto Belen and witnessed what must be one of the saddest places on earth. What a contrast between the...
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Sky´s The Limit

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Finally we arrived in Iquitos tonight. Here we are in the Jungle after an eventful day of flying. Huascran is the highest mountain in the Peruvian Andes and earlier this morning I was able to take this picture from the small twin engine air craft flying at 26,000 feet. It is absolutely breath taking. The psalmist was right when be said, the heavens declare the glory of the Lord Reflecting on the visit to Kusi it is such a contrast to the heat of the jungle. A...
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Hope in the Andes

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Plane We had an early start today. We were up at 5.00am and heading for the airport at 6.00am. Here is a picture of Paul Clark and myself boarding the 18 seater plane. Here is an interesting thing: you can take 18 up to Hoarsz in the Andes but only 14 people can come back. So Willie Gregor and Gavin are heading down the steep mountain pass on the service bus tonight. We have had a most eventful day. Coping with the altitude affects people in different ways. People can...
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Meet à Kempis

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Boat Ride I've been introducing the group to the 15th Century mystic Thomas à Kempis. We've been looking at his work entitled, "The Imitation of Christ". The idea is that I use some phrases from his meditations to focus our thoughts for the day. Thomas was always trying to encourage Christians to develop simple and less cluttered lifestyles. At the same time each day I've been trying to keep the reflection centred on Jesus and the places where he was to be found. It has been a...
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The Girasoles Home

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Ken Jeffrey Today was a very special day in the life of Cupar Old Parish Church. Left, is their minister Ken Jeffrey opening up the latest Girasoles home in Ica Peru. People say to me "why do you go to Peru, would you not be better just giving the money?". My reply to that question is that it is important that people go in order to encounter the injustice and the poverty. It is often only from such encounters that people are moved to do something. As you know the main reason for...
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The Water of Life

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Church Glad that you are keeping up with me. I've been leading the group in our morning devotions for the past three days and I've been reflecting on the idea of going on a journey with Jesus. In many ways that is exactly what we are doing. The places we have visited have all been reflective of the life of Jesus. Jesus is found in the night shelter in the desert where we were yesterday. Just to give you a glimse of the need, we travelled to Ica (the area that was hit with an...
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In Lima

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Lima Water Fountain 1 Last night we took a city bus tour trip. I was a bit bored with it. Sitting on top of an open bus breathing in the fumes of Lima is not all that wonderful an experience. Anyway it lasted for over three hours. Part of the trip was to stop at a park where there was numerous water fountains all back lit with coloured lights. It made you think about this contrast between a section of society nearly four million who don't have running water and a small part of society that...
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