Thinking On the Bike

posted: 29 Apr 2012 comments: 7category:

Today was exceptionally bright and breezy. It was an ideal day to go a cycle run. I started out in the late afternoon thinking I'd go to Blackness, however when I reached Blackness I was tempted to go a bit further, so I took the route 76 which is a cycle route and found myself heading down to Abercorn Church. It was delightful cycle and as I arrived at the church yard you could hear the birds singing. I was reminded of Lewis Irving the minister at Abercorn who left the...
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Visiting the Children's Home in Kamashuku

posted: 16 Apr 2012 comments: 4category:

This is going to be an exciting trip. There is always something special about visiting new projects and humbling to think that what was started by a community based shop in Bo'ness nearly 27 years ago could have an impact on an African village of around 3000 people all these years later. We arrived in Kilomanjaro last night. It was all a bit chaotic as people tried to pay their $50 dollars to get a visa stamp on their passport. Eventually we got through all the...
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9/11 - and Good Friday God Pain and Power

posted: 7 Apr 2012 comments: 1category:

[youtube][/youtube]Just thought i might post this video that was made a few years ago to illustrate a song that Iain Jamieson and I wrote about Good Friday, have a listen. Last year on Good Friday I was on George Street, with fellow minister Russell McLarty sharing bread and wine on the streets. This year I made a return visit to Inchcolm Island in the middle of the Forth to explore the possibility of arranging a Communion...
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Alan Sugar "Your Fired!"

posted: 5 Apr 2012 comments: 6category:

I watched the Apprentice last night and realised this programme is out of touch with where business and economics needs to be. Success cannot be measured in bank notes. There are a number of interesting reports coming to the General Assembly this year. The one that has caught my attention so far is entitled, " The Special Commission on the Purposes of Economic Activity" This report may not have a snappy title but it could prove to be a catalyst to spur the Christian...
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