Working For Justice is required in the world including the UK and Israel

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This week I'm taking some time off but also trying to make sure some of the issues that I've been supporting are followed up. I've just written a letter to the Prime Minister , David Cameron encouraging him to keep his word and follow up the more positive reply he gave to Michael Connarty, relating to  the Private member's Bill entitled Transparency in UK Company Supply Chains (Eradication of Slavery) Bill  last Tuesday at  PMs Question Time in the Commons. For...
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Security the Gospel and Transforming Communities.

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It's is true to say that we live in troubled times.. People the world over are looking for security. Conflicts continue to engage more countries around the world. Children are caught up in the horror of war  and they too long for peace and security We now have a generation of people seeking to redefine the purpose and meaning of their lives. Especially when bad things happen. This week I had a long discussion with Daniel Taub, the Israeli Ambassador to the UK. He...
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Don't Force Your Children to Church - says the Moderator?

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A few weeks ago an article appeared in various newspapers, including Scotland on Sunday, purporting that I was suggesting that forced church attendance could be detrimental to the spiritual growth of some young people. It was one of those articles that makes you kind of screw up your face and cringe: because it was half right and half wrong.  The journalist was looking for an angle. The implication was that I implied ministers "rabbited on" thus being critical of...
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Mr Rees-Mogg Just Kept On Talking.

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Watch Debate I watched the debate in the Common's Chamber  this afternoon. Michael Connarty MP for Linlithgow and Falkirk East , was presenting a Private members Bill in the best tradition of Wiberforce to eradicate slavery from the current goods  supply chains that British companies use. The first thing that disappointed me was the lack of MPs that turned up to vote for this Bill. I don't think there was even  ten MPs in the house. Its fascinating to think...
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Give us transparency in our goods and services supply chains

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20121019-085113.jpg I had a sense of history yesterday afternoon as I walked through the gate at Lambeth Palace the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the headquarters of the Church of England. Its a really old building but very impressive building yet it looks a little down on heal from the outside, which sends out a message, were not too rich, we're living here because of past generation. I was on a mission to see how we can all find ways to work closer together in the areas of...
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Its Time To Speak Out - Let's End Human Trafficking

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Tonight as I write my blog there are literally millions of people all over the world being sold into slavery.  It has been estimated at around 27 million people. The same internet highway that allows me to communicate with you allows others to buy and sell fellow human beings. Naively, many of us thought that slavery ended with Wilberforce and his social reformers. Unfortunately, today a sophisticated network of international criminals operate at all levels buying and...
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The PMs Open Door Diplomacy meeting Christians and Jews

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20121016-131137.jpg And so the job continues to take me to different places. One thing I'm always aware of is that this only lasts a year. I may have places to which I still have to go but I also know that I have to go back to the place where I am best known, among my own congregation and colleagues in parish ministry. It is this knowledge that I'm sure helps to keep the feet of Moderators firmly on the ground. One week it's Wigtown the next week it's Downing Street and St James' Palace....
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