Moderator Makes Music at Solas 2012

posted: 29 Jun 2012 comments: 3category:

People ask do you get time off when your Moderator?  The answer is of course you do. When your on the road its pretty intensive  but you also have some down time. I've been enjoying taking some of that time to relax and make some music. Hopefully we'll have a very simple but I hope classy album of acoustic songs released in time for the Moderator's fringe event.  This will take place at Palmerston Place Church on Sunday 12 August and Monday 13 August both events...
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The Mod and Machines and the Future of Scotland

posted: 23 Jun 2012 comments: 5category:

If only my father could have seen me the other day standing here beside a huge tractor. My father was a plough boy at the age of twelve. He was someone who was always connected to the land. The soil was in his blood you might say. The one thing he detested was tractors. He believed that they were too big and heavy and that they would affect the quality of the soil over the years. For him there was nothing better than the horses pulling the plough. We've moved on from...
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The Royal Highland Show - Give Us Our Daily Bread

posted: 22 Jun 2012 comments: 1category:

Today I was helping to launch the Church of Scotland's latest report on the the importance  of food and how we cultivate and produce it.  This particular report  entitled  " Give us this day our daily bread", highlights what the writers call the alienation of many who live in urban areas from the source of food production. The increasing development  of industrialised farming and the ever growing influence of supermarkets means that many people are so removed...
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Learning to take our opportunities and value our resources

posted: 21 Jun 2012 comments: 0category:

On Monday morning I had the opportunity to speak with chaplains and others who are interested in getting involved with chaplaincy in FE Colleges. the colleges at the moment are undergoing massage re-organisation and many of them are looking to build into their  new structure a chaplaincy space.  Its an amazing opportunity to get involved wit young adults.  I was surprised to learn theta the new City of Glasgow College  has 13 sites around the city and has over 40,000...
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Moderator and U2 Eucharist on Inchcolm Island

posted: 19 Jun 2012 comments: 1category:

[youtube][/youtube]This week is going to be a busy one especially towards the end of the week. However I want to take the opportunity to start promoting some of the really exciting things that are being planned to make the Moderatorial year a little bit different. Keep Sunday the 5 August free in the afternoon. I'm planning to conduct a U2 eucharist on Inchcolm Island. The  tickets and times of the sailings  from Queeensferry...
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Visiting My Old University

posted: 13 Jun 2012 comments: 0category:

Its time i was in bed. I'm up early tomorrow morning. I'm heading to Grangemouth for the National Prayer Breakfast at the Inchyra Hotel. This is a great opportunity for church leaders and Christians involved in corporate and civic Scotland to get together to pray for the renewal of the  Church and also for the general well being of the people of Scotland. I won't have time to stay to the end of the event. I've to be in Glasgow by 9.20 for the Annual Dedication...
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Pay it forward

posted: 11 Jun 2012 comments: 2category:

No one knows what a day will bring forth. Yesterday morning I was up early reading through the sermon that I was going to give that morning in St James' Portobello. I was in a hurry as I loaded the car and reversed out of the space. While in the process of moving the car I scraped the door of a parked car. Well you know how you feel when something like this happens. Your embarrassed and also upset that you have damaged someone else's property. Anyway the street was...
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