A Visit to France and Switzerland

posted: 14 May 2013 comments: 2category: Unassigned

It's Monday evening in Geneva. I've had an interesting few days travelling  from France to Switzerland. First of all on Saturday we were sharing in the historic service of Union between the Old French Reformed Church and the French Lutherans. It was a deeply  moving experience especially for those gathered who  had been working for the past five years to bring about this moment. As the service came to a climax, candles were lit and both denominations prayed  and sang...
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Thoughts in Flight

posted: 11 May 2013 comments: 1category: Unassigned

This morning ( Friday 10th May ) the taxi that I booked locally to take me to the airport from Bo'ness didn't arrive. There I was standing in the driveway, completely confident that my driver would turn up, and he didn't. So when 7.00am arrived I had to get the car out of the garage and head out to the airport, dreading to think what the parking bill would  be. Anyway I'm off to Lyon for the fist Synod of the United Protestant Church. This will be an historic...
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On the road again

posted: 7 May 2013 comments: 0category: Unassigned

It's 6.30 on Tuesday the  May. I sitting in Heathrow Airport waiting for the age to open. I arrived two hours early and tried to sweet talk the my way onto an earlier flight but unfortunately I had no success. So I decided to try and bring the blog up to date. Returning from Skye last week I found myself attending the Annual Strathclyde University Dinner. It was a grand affair. It took place in the Barony Halls in Glasgow. the Barony Halls of course were in fact the...
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A Visit to Skye

posted: 6 May 2013 comments: 1category: Unassigned

I woke up  this morning  my phone alarm was playing the U2 song  " It's a beautiful day." I looked out the window to  reminded myself I was now in Skye. This is truly a magical place.  The views of the landscape are extra-ordinarily beautiful.  We arrived yesterday in Skye just before sunset, the light was fading yet you could almost reach out and touch the Cuillins. This is truly a thin place where heaven and earth meet. I'm here to respond to an invitation from...
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