This Is Holy Week 2010!

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Holy Week 2010 starts today. I've had quite a busy time over the past week pulling ideas together for the Easter Services. This year we've extended our idea of using creative stones to share a message to a wider group of people. Check out my video podcast on the church website. I think it would be pretty cool to find painted stones all about our town with inspirational verses relating to hope and expectation painted on them. Last Saturday was a really busy day...
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"Vue" is just one aspect of the AVENUE

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J[gallery]ust thought I'd continue on the idea of featuring some of the fantastic work that is going on out of St Andrew's Church here in Bo'ness at the moment. As I was saying we're blessed in having people on the church staff who are copmpletely dedicated to their calling and are making a difference in the lives of the groups they serve. You could be forgiven when you walk past St Andrew's Church on the Avenue to think not much happens in that building. Howevr you'd...
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BBC Children in Need - Bounce Higher

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[gallery]Life is never too boring when your a minister of the Gospel, especially serving here in Bo'ness St Andrew's. We are truly blessed in this congregation by having a number of quite outstanding people on the staff who are working to deliver our Social Outreach Programme with a heart that truly seeks to serve Christ. Yesterday I was working with Dianne Collins who heads up our Bounce Higher Programme. Our task was to make a start on our next grant...
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Bogle Band - Friday Night Sunday's Comin'

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[flv width="320" height="240"][/flv] A few years ago I co-wrote this song with Iain Jamieson it was a reflection on a story I had heard about street children in Peru being sold for sex. It was at the same time we in the Vine Trust had sent our first medical ship to work on the Amazon. The Ship was sailing the Atlantic during 9/11 henece the pictures to link boat and 9/11 together. As for the title well I heard Tony...
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Puzzling Cross-words

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. Father's thought. Carried on His Breath became a Word formed in flesh The Word was ubiquitous. Too powerful to live in time. Too gracious to refuse to touch the ground. Yet the Word was eternal, as the thought as the breath, that formed life from the ground. On the ground, life muffled, misunderstood, graffitied, strangled, the breath. Deconstructed The Word. Flesh crucified flesh. Wiped out removed crossed...
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I'm more than graffiti?

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Graffiti scrawled on a concrete wall an initial scribbled on a wooden desk a pattern stained on a textbook a tattoo mark on naked skin Who are we? Vandals, Carvers, Artists, Sculptures? We're all trying to say The same thing I'm unique I'm someone I'm vulnerable I'm ephemeral I'm passing O God Don't forget My name Remember me In your Kingdom
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The cross is a difficult concept

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Among some of the most difficult religious ideas for 21st century people to understand are the reasons given to them for the death of Jesus Christ. We Christians think because we repeat a piece of scripture it will make sense to anyone who hears it or reads it. Now I realise that the Holy Spirit is the great revealer of truth however do we not have a responsibility for the way we communicate? I remember I used to pass an advertising board on the...
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