Bo'nesss Churches Working Together.

posted: 24 Oct 2009 comments: 0category:

There's a lot happening in Bo'ness this weekend, especially around the churches. Its great when Christians from different felowships work together and come together for prayer and encouragement. This morning in St Catharine's the little Scottish Episcopal Church on Cadzow Avenue there will be a joint morning of prayer. Its going to be lead by various people from all our congregations in Bo'ness. I also believe that there is a "Woman Only" event taking place in St...
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imga0074 I think the life of a parish minister must be one of the most engaging and priveleged of all professions. Now, that is if you really want to call what I do a profession. I think its a calling! You find yourself being opened up to new experiences and emotions snd situations because you've been given by the community a position of trust. What I'm getting round to say is I try hard not to take all that I've been given by this comminuty I work in for granted. I guess it is...
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The Ocean

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imga0557 Have you heard the Ocean speak It carries it's sound on the wind Like a great timpany of praise Roaring a song of continual joy encompassing the earth Joy encircles Waiting to land Looking for a opening A heart to respond To the melody The Ocean is weeping Tears of laughter and joy As another wave Crashes Smahed Dashes Lashes Against the shoreline Look to the horizon The ocean is singing Mystery and meaning Hover over the horizon There is more...
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Sanctuary First Reaching Out.

posted: 8 Oct 2009 comments: 0category:

sfstmatperth The last ten days have been pretty busy. I've been caught up in my parish work but also focused on writing the content for the new web site that we just launched from the church this week. i really enjoy doing this work. I hope others will get benefit from it. Last night I was writing the script for next week's video podcast. Its going to be a really good little programme. We've got Pete Grieg of the 24/7 Prayer Movement speaking about the work of the Holy Spirit. we've...
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