The Cross at Christmas Easter and Pentecost

posted: 30 May 2009 comments: 4category:

christmas I've just finished recording a short video for Pentecost. Its something I've wanted to do for a while to make the link between Christmas and Pentecost using a symbol to link the Festivals. We have a Christmas Tree each year which we put in church. We actually  call it a Christmon Tree because we hang Christian mongrams and symbols on the branches. Everything we hang on the tree has to be made by hand. Its actually a really nice thing to see. Especially when your...
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A Generous Orthodoxy

posted: 28 May 2009 comments: 1category:

assembly ARCHBISHOP TUTU AT THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY Certainly history was in the making yesterday morning as the little frail looking man dressed in purple appeared in the play pen. By the end of his address the general Assembly gave him a standing ovation. " Turn the wilderness into a garden of wonderful flowers." He thanked all those who stood with him in the struggle because of them  he said, " we are free today." SPEAKING AND FACING THE TRUTH Well that's me back...
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Moving from one court to Another

posted: 22 May 2009 comments: 1category:

img_0758 TALKING THE WALK Here I am just returned from the Assembly having spent the evening at the Moderator's Reception in the old Parliament Building  just behind St Giles Cathedral.  Its the hall where all the advocates stay on the move as they listen to briefings regarding up and coming court cases. The room tonight was certainly a buzz with Commissioners talking about all kinds of topics and no doubt some of them were reflecting on the day that has just past. I...
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jesuassembly THE ASSEMBLY COMES TO TOWN Its all go tomorrow in Edinburgh, as the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland comes to town. I think it is quite an impressive spectacle especially for those commissioners who are facing the experience for the first time. However the Assembly Arrangements committee have been working hard at educating the commissioners. this year along with the Blue Book we also received a DVD which was full of good practical information including a...
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CWW National Gathering DVD Now Available

posted: 20 May 2009 comments: 0category:

cwwngdvd   THE NATIONAL GATHERING Lots of things are happening around the church this week. I guess we're not any busier than normal but it seems that way. The staff of SANCTUS MEDIA are working flat out getting ready for the General Assembly. Rae has just managed to produce a DVD with over three and half hours of footage on it all relating to the 2008 National Gathering. Its well worth a watch, indeed I think you will be able to order it on line from our Sanctus Media web...
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Technology and the General Assembly

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[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] Here is a short video highlight of tat memorable Summer way back in 2000. We toured round Scotland in a period of 6 days and connected with hundreds of people as we took our multimedia service into cathedrals and churches. Our idea was that we needed to raise funds to get our media project off the ground. in Bo'ness. Its amazing that 9 years on we have...
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The Scottish Cathedral Cycle Challenge 10 Years On!

posted: 18 May 2009 comments: 0category:

outlier_cycling_pants_01 It looks as though we might be considering a Scottish Cathedral's Cycle Challenge again ten years on. So keep your ear to the ground. Mike Munro one of our elders has been researching the idea. It was actually a great event. It raised the seed money nine years ago to start the St Andrew's Multimedia Youth Project". When you look back we've achieved a great deal in those years. Much more still has to be done, however I'd like to think that if we do the Cycle...
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