Journey from Film Making to Music Making to Giving Gifts Meaning

posted: 29 Nov 2013 comments: 0category: Unassigned

Journey from film making to music making to giving gifts meaning and you find yourself engaged in the life of a minister of the gospel seeking to make faith meaningful and relevant to a host of people who never attend formal worship but who are deeply interested in the purpose of their lives It was another day out and about round Glasgow filming. True to its  reputation as a city of friendship  we had a great time working together seeing the script come alive. We'd...
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The long Walk To Freedom U2 sings about the Journey with Ordinary Love

posted: 27 Nov 2013 comments: 1category: Unassigned

There is a new movie out this week entitled ‘“The Long Walk To Freedom “  Its all about Nelson Mandela  and his incredible story.  Earlier this year I was in South Africa  and I was aware of the journeys that many people in that country have made in order to secure  their freedom but also to prevent a blood bath. U2 have released a new song the first in four years. Its going to be part of the sound tract. have a listen. I think there is a real commentary in this song...
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Dr Who Memories

posted: 24 Nov 2013 comments: 0category: Unassigned

Over the last few weeks I’ve been reflecting on the significance and importance of memory in my sermons. I’m also aware that memory can easily be tricked and what one person remembers may not in fact be what happened. You can imagine how difficult it must be for twelve time lords to remember all the facts. However it was interesting waiting to see which popular Drs would be written into the script. It was interesting watching tonight’s 50th anniversary episode of Dr...
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Memories Can Help Shape Our Lives

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During the month of November I decided to highlight in my sermons the significance and importance of our memories. I think we are all shaped by our memories. I've been suggesting to the congregation to take time and reflect upon the people and the places that have helped shape us.  I know we have both good and bad memories. I'm no physiologist or indeed analyst so I'm not dealing with the hurts of the past in these sermons. Though I believe the gospel has much to say...
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Cold Damp Dark November

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Preparing material for Sanctuary First is a time consuming piece of work. However it is worth doing when you get feed back and you know that the effort has been appreciated. This month we have been seeking to highlight the significance of Remembrance. The poem that goes with this video above  was written about two years ago. However as I said in my pervious post, i believe it has only come to life in the last few days. This is because of the pictures and the music....
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Representing reality

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I sat in the “Whiski Rooms“ at the top of the Mound in Edinburgh. Looking out over the city. It was a damp November sunlit afternoon. The watery sun was setting over the skyline.  The dark grey historic buildings seemed to come to life The sun had changed their context. They were speaking, asking questions, Was anyone listening? I looked at the poem I had written. It was on my screen. It wasn’t the same. It had changed. The words remained the same but the...
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