Connecting With Creation and the Self!

posted: 31 Jul 2010 comments: 0category:

Over the next few Sundays the themes of Sunday worship will centre around the stories of creation in the Bible. In the morning services we will seek to find a Christian response to the seemingly hopeless misuse of the earth's resources. In the evening services we will start a new series centred around the importance of work and its purpose in our lives. I think this will be an interesting exercise as I intend to also use the themes and the prayers mentioned on the...
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A Visit to Goudi's Church in Barcelona

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To move from sitting in Iona Abbey to be standing in The Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada in Barcelona all within a few days is quite an overwhelming experience. To stand on a boat and view the simplicity of The Abbey on Iona and then to stand in Goudi's amazing unfinished church which seeks to emulate the shear awe and majesty of a medieval cathedral for me opened my mind to all kinds of questions. What do you say when you enter a building that has been under...
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Iona a place for saints and sinners

posted: 25 Jul 2010 comments: 1category:

This is a good place to be It's silence and serenity is like gold But you have to mine it Dig deep into yourself To lose the noise of footsteps, voices, camera clicks, and the rustle of clothes. People move around as though searching, looking, some leaning on sticks. Some full of faith Breathing in the worship space. Candles lit in a circle of iron Prayer requests pinned to a cross. Stone slabs neatly laid. Stone crosses wooden beams shaped and...
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Bono Would Be Proud

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A girl sings on the street From the back of her throat Her voice sings U2 Bono would be proud No stadium to rock Just a few pigeons And a couple of old age pensioners Tapping their feet The Holy Trinity is behind her " With or without you " Echoes off the walls She gives herself away Sharing songs on a lunchtime break She's coined a phrase earned her lunch She has to Run Amy MacDonald couldn't do better We visited St Andrew's today. The town is...
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Inchcolm Abbey

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Here is sanctuary Gulls are singing praise to God Stone and wood Touch earth and sky with grace The river laps the sand with ease Ancient sounds of monks are heard in the breeze Singing songs and chants of praise Holy Holy is the Lord Colm's island speaks of God Hermit prayers can still be heard Saints and sinners voices cry Amidst the ruins of our time Forgive our sins, redeem our lives We cry for sanctuary Prayer never ceases it cannot die It...
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Dogma and Diversity Meets Communion and Gospel

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Robert Calvert, in an article written for the Lausanne Conversation entitled " Secularity: Dogma meets Diversity in Europe", makes the following comment," The challenge of secularity is to make the case for the truth of Christ in societies that are pluralistic and globalized and to build the peace of Christ in societies that are broken and divided. Evangelical Christians, who need to critically engage rather than to escape the challenge of this secular age, are...
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Phantom of the Palace

posted: 3 Jul 2010 comments: 0category:

I'm just back from having an interesting two days in London. A few of us from the Vine Trust had the honour of being invited to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace as part of the celebrations surrounding Princess Anne's 60th Birthday. It turned out to be an excellent day and the weather added to the whole occasion. It was hot and sunny and the Princess seemed to be enjoying meeting up with a number of representatives from the 300 and more Charities to which she is...
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