Bounce Higher is absolutely Stotting!

posted: 28 Sep 2010 comments: 0category:

We're having a make over here in St Andrew's Bo'ness very shortly the Church's newly refurbished website will begoing live. Its going to reflect more accurately all the stuff with which we are involved. I just noticed today tthat the Bounce Higher web site is up. It looks absolutely brilliant. the colours are vibriant and it has a great feel about it it really describes what Bounce higher is all about. We just need some pictures of Dianne and Emma up there to make it...
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Church Without Walls Week

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I want to say a huge thank you to the many people who have been working so hard today and for the past few week preparing for the Church Without Walls Week here in Bo'ness. We had a fantastic opening today and we were encouraged by all those who came as our guests and enjoyed looking around the various displays. On a number of occasions the visitors have noticed how enthusiastic our volunteers and staff members are sbout the work they are doing. If your not too far...
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I Could Have Done More

posted: 24 Sep 2010 comments: 0category:

Just back from an exciting finance meeting of the Vine Trust. Yes finance meeting can be really interesting. The truth is if you want a forward looking organisation make sure the people in control of the finances are forward looking. There are just so many wonderful things going on and its great being the Chairman with a "can do organisation like the Vine Trust". So many fantastic opportunities. Picking up on the opportunities is another challenge. I am so thankful...
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Does The Church Need a Shake Up?

posted: 24 Sep 2010 comments: 1category:

You know what? i think we all need a bit of a shake up. And maybe a wee bit seasoning. I often wonder if we as church leaders being educated and trained in secular universities have allowed modernity to shape our church and ministries. Could we have placed reason at the centre of our thinking and omitted live out the importance of the life of faith? At the core of an effective church there must be a desire for worship and mission. Abd I believe that caomes...
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Flying a Kite Presbytery Discussion Continued

posted: 19 Sep 2010 comments: 0category:

Here i am once again flying a kite as we think a bit more about the reform of Presbyteries. During the past few years it seems to me that there is a mood in the church to be more relational than legal. This leads us to think about structures and functions that are based on trust and relationships rather than legal authority. True worship is surely an act of the heart in response to love and forgiveness not an act of duty or even an act of obedience. In so many...
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Presbytery Focus of Change

posted: 15 Sep 2010 comments: 0category:

Are we preparing for a funeral or a celebration? Don't be deceived by the black boxes. They may look like coffins but they are towers on which will hang lots of information about our various programmes during our Church Without Walls Open week. Listening to some people you'd think the church was ready to be buried. I assure you if you visit during our CWW week you be surprised at the stories people will tell of resurrection and new life. Talking about burying...
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Turning Presbyteries into Worshipping Centres of Excellence

posted: 14 Sep 2010 comments: 2category:

There is a great deal of discussion in the national church at the moment about the best way to use the gifts of "The People of God." I've noticed though that a number of my fellow ministers feel quite threatened by the idea that lesser theologically trained individuals might end up being used to do what has been traditionally the job of a minister. I do think that it is important that we keep standards high in the church but what to me is more important, is that we who...
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