A Letter From Fred

posted: 27 Aug 2013 comments: 1category: Unassigned

Have a listen to this video on Youtube. It got me thinking how short life is and how important it is to understand and appreciate all the good things we experience in life. How easy it is for us to go through our lives worrying about the future. Jesus told us to appreciate each day as it comes. I found myself drawn into this little video entitled "A letter from Fred" Maybe its time to let bygones be bygones. Could it be time to start again with a friend, or a...
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Shaping God

posted: 21 Aug 2013 comments: 2category: Unassigned

Over the last few days the Sanctuary First team have been working hard seeking to create a new shape and focus for the project as it goes into its fourth year under its present brand name. I came across this video we produced a few years back. It reminds us that God is continually doing new things with his people. He is truly a Shaping God. Just think how you have changed over the years? I was listening to a Radio 4 broadcast ealier this evening. It turned out to be...
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The Gospel has healing at the heart of its mission.

posted: 13 Aug 2013 comments: 0category: Unassigned

Over the next few months I'm going to be emphasising the importance the church must give to Mission. There is little doubt that the Church needs to re-engage with its natural roots of being mission orientated. One of the suggestions that the Church Without Walls Report made  to the General Assembly of  2001 was that individual congregations should study a Gospel for a whole year. In doing so we believed that it would re-focus the church to become more mission...
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Understanding The Tensions In Church Leadership

posted: 11 Aug 2013 comments: 0category: Unassigned

Recently I was sent a link to a piece written in a blog by a writer who at one time was a minister but has since left to pursue another career. The author seeks to highlight in a caring way, many of the challenges that face  those of us who are involved in ministry today. Some of what he mentions may not apply to everyone. Those involved in ministry cannot easily be homogisised in one particular kind of grouping. However i think he is right  when  he warns about...
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Themes Dates and Times of Worship Services

posted: 2 Aug 2013 comments: 0category: Unassigned

God’s Covenant of Grace – An invitation to Live in His Presence. Morning Worship Commences at 10.30am Evening Worship at 6.30 This is an outline of sermons based on verses 19 -25 from chapter 10 of the Epistle to the Hebrews. I would like to use these verses as the jumping off point to explore places in the scripture where we can begin to fire imaginations and begin to explore the bigger picture of the purpose of creation redemption and resurrection. In...
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