Strike Out Unemployment Start With Your Congregation

posted: 30 Nov 2011 comments: 7category:

Regardless of your political affiliation, its an interesting St Andrew's Day today. As I write thousands of workers from the Public Sector in Scotland and the UK are out on strike because they feel the new proposals surrounding their revised pension scheme is unfair. Another 2 million people can't strike because they've no job. This is the world in which the church is called to minister. The question is what would be an adequate response? The fact that people have...
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As the tree falls so must it lie

posted: 23 Nov 2011 comments: 1category:

I was visiting my mother and father's grave recently. They are buried in an old cemetery in Glasgow. As I drove round the cemetery I could help but see this tree lying among the grave stones. It reminded me of a text from Ecclesiastes 11.3 that I sometime heard my father repeat. " As the tree falls so it must lie". He would say it perhaps referring to someone who had just died. The point he would make is that how we live this life determines how we are remembered by...
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All that Jazz

posted: 20 Nov 2011 comments: 0category:

What an amazing night we had at St Andrew's.The atmosphere was so friendly and relaxed as people gathered with great expectations to hear some amazing music. Well I can assure you that no one was disappointed. The quality of the performace was quite outstanding. The two female vocalists were different in styles but equally talented. Erica Bonnar as usual was her own professional self. I think her rendition of the sixties hit " Will You still love me tomorrow' was...
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Turn On the Light

posted: 18 Nov 2011 comments: 2category:

During Advent I'm going to be preaching on the Prologue to John"s Gospel. There is always something new and exciting to be found in the Bible, very often in the familiar passages. There is quote in the prologue that says " the light Shines in the darkness and the darkness has tried to put it out. Nothing changes in our world. Time and time again those of us who want to follow jesus, do we not we find ourselves confronting the darkness? There is something comfortable...
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Meet Boanerges

posted: 15 Nov 2011 comments: 12category:

Well here's a wee story to make you smile. Into my email box dropped this picture, it was sent to me from Jimmy Sommerville. Jimmy and I played in the Living Stones for a number of years from 1964 to the mid 70s. I forgot all about this picture.It the old van that makes me smile. We called it Boenerges after James and John in the Bible, they were known as the Sons of Thunder. Our old van certainly sounded like thunder when it started up. I remember on one occasion we...
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St Andrew's and all that Jazz!

posted: 8 Nov 2011 comments: 0category:

On Saturday 19 November St Andrew's Bo'ness is hosting a fantastic evening of music featuring Marcus Ford and his friends. The evening will include a wide selection of popular songs including a number of well know jazz classics. In past years the concert has been sold out. We are hoping for the same interest this year. The proceeds from this event will go towards altering one of the transepts as part of our new building programme. We hope to create a more flexible space...
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