Election Fever Touches Bo'ness

posted: 29 Apr 2010 comments: 0category:

It was good to see a reasonable crowd of people attend the local husting which we were hosting tonight in St Andrew's Parish Church Bo'ness. If you want to see the recording check out www.standonline.org.uk. I think it will be up for a few days perhaps over the weekend. The technical side of the event was managed by Sanctus Media and it looks as though those watching on the internet were delighted with the result. Much of the success of the evening must also be...
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Cross Spaced Shape

posted: 23 Apr 2010 comments: 1category:

If your reading this blog and live near Bo'ness why not make a date and come and worship with us on Sunday 2 May at 6.30pm and share in our next Sanctuary First Service. If you live on the other side of the planet why not log in and share with us here in Bo'ness as we stream out live our contemporary multimedia worship service. www.standonline.org.uk Just press the live stream button. If you are looking for worship that is creative and biblical, reflective and...
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Effective Evangelism Equals Authentic Lifestyles!

posted: 23 Apr 2010 comments: 2category:

I spent an interesting time yesterday in Glasgow at an Alpha Training Day along with a number of Church leaders from throughout Scotland. It took place a the Renfield Street Church Centre. The purpose of the day was to introduce a new constituency to Alpha and also to show that there was a sound theological ethos surrounding the whole course. The framework of Hospitality, Encounter, Catechesis and Community were all duly explored as key elements to the...
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Politics Religion and Common Purpose

posted: 21 Apr 2010 comments: 0category:

Well seaside breaks never last too long. Its now the middle of the week after a holiday break and you know that feeling - you think, was I really away? One for certain i do feeel for those people who are still away and can't get back because of the Ash Cloud. I'm kind of glad we didn't go too far this Easter. Anyway, I started my new series on the Book of Ephesians and I hope the congregation will enjoy the sermons. I think it is all right to enjoy the things of...
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I'm Voting For The Resurrection Party!

posted: 16 Apr 2010 comments: 1category:

It was interesting watching the Prime Ministerial Television Debate tonight but in reality it was a bit of a damp squib. The bottom line for me is that we need to ensure that the economy continues to recover. Ultimately it will be the economy that will determine the result of the election. While most commentators will agree that when it came to style and performance Nick Clegg of the Lib Dems may well have won the debate the question remains on substance and...
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General Electiom 2010 -Tax Breaks For Married Couples

posted: 10 Apr 2010 comments: 1category:

It is interesting that the Conservatives have given a nod towards traditional family values, by offering a tax break to married couples who have an income below the cut off point of £44,000 before paying the higher tax rate. Certainly the whole conept of being married today has gone out of fashion. More and more couples are living together and fewer are ending up being married. I doubt whether an extra £3.00 per week would encourage more people to get married. However...
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Politicians Need To Fear the People

posted: 9 Apr 2010 comments: 0category:

Well the General Election has been called and its all bets off as to who will win. I notice that the party leaders are looking to find ways to encourage us all to go voting. As a nation these islands are now under threat not from an outside enemy but from ourselves. When it comes to politics and community issues we are living through the most apathetic generation of all times. Politicans should fear the people not their political opponents. For many the real enemy has...
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